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    Got this photo at Chiang Mai....comments are welcome

    This kids live in the the country side but they find joy in their daily life despite the fact they don't even have some of the basic necessity.
    Reflecting upon their behaviour, are the kids in Urban area taking alot of things for granted? Can our kids in Singapore live without running water from the tap, aircon, PSP, Wii.......and are our kids as gracious as those who live in the rural area???

    Simple Life, Simple Play.....

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    IMHO, i think this pic dun work for me. I would love to see the background of Changmai behind these 2 kids playing in the water. It would make them a scale against the background.
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    Default Re: Simple Life, Simple Play

    It would be cool if you can shoot from their eye level and zoom in close.

    That way their face can be captured, as well as the background (context).

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    I think if the main subject is showing the kids simple life, I won't mind not having the background. Simple life can be anywhere, not just Chang Mai.

    But a tighter crop won't be nice.

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    I also have a couple of photos like this one (they're taken in S'pore, surprisingly). I find it hard to bring out the subjects, because the colour of the skin is pretty close to that of the water.


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