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Thread: Panasonic DMC-FZ1 or Canon A60

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    Question Panasonic DMC-FZ1 or Canon A60

    Looking for a 2mp cam.
    mind you guys gimme some opinions on which one is better of the 2 models?

    not sure which 1 to consider.
    the optical zoom and the stabiliser of the FZ1 is really tempting over the canon

    for those who have tried those 2 models, how you find the pics quality, features, nightshots pics etc?

    thanks in advance

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    FZ1 zoom is fantastic, no need for tripod but is hope-less at low light situation eg night. It needs lots of light and contrast.
    Also no manual control over aperture and shutter speed.

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    any comments in terms of photo quality by the users of these 2 cams?
    does FZ1 has very bad CA?

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    Image quality of FZ1 is good. Not sure about A60.
    BTW whats CA ?

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    Originally posted by cheekeen
    Image quality of FZ1 is good. Not sure about A60.
    BTW whats CA ?

    Chromatic Aberrations

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    anymore opinions?

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    Can't understand why so many people compliant that FZ1 is no good in low light. I got one and it works great in low light. Most of my shot taken at 1/60sec at full zoom were sharp, some taken at 1/8 sec were sharp for static objects at full zoom. The only problem is its relatively weak flash, but who needs a flash when you can get sharp photos at low shutter speed, BTW, the "hand shake" symbol is just a warning when ss full below 1/125 sec, just ignore it!!!

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    I am a user of the DMC-F1 and love the leica lens. If the picture quality I get on my machine is any indication of that of the FZ1 ( I actually think it is ) then I think u have pretty good package if u don't mind the 2 mg pix and the lack of manual control.

    If u looking for zoom..........FZ1 is the best ard.....

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