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    Default Singapore Heritage Fest 2008

    For those of you interested, there are lots of happenings during the Hertiage Fest like walks through historical parts of SG or even shows. Check out more at

    I signed up for the Geylang trail... sounds interesting. AND!! *NOTE: Photography is permissible, but other forms of recording (e.g. note-taking, audio or visual recording) are not allowed. Please note that the end times for the tours are estimates, although the organisers will make every effort to end on time.
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    Hmm, the trails look interesting.


    Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays
    18, 19, 20, 25, 26 & 27 July 2008

    Morning, Afternoon and Night Tours

    Duration of Tours:
    Approximately 4 hours*

    Meeting Place:
    Festival Hub @ Suntec's Information Counter

    Registration Fee:
    S$18 per person (inclusive of GST)
    Pre-registration is required.
    Closing date for pre-registration is 13 July 2008 (Sunday).


    Trail 1: The Last Stand: A Pasir Panjang War Trail™
    Sunday 20 July 9am - 1pm
    Sunday 27 July 9am - 1pm

    Pasir Panjang witnessed some of the fiercest fighting in World War II.
    The Malay Regiment fought valiantly there and inflicted heavy losses
    on the enemy. Uncover their heroic last stand at Bukit Chandu and
    meet present-day Singaporeans with stories of their own to tell.
    From atop Mount Faber, gain a bird's-eye view of the strategic
    importance of Pasir Panjang Ridge and the southern guns that
    defended Singapore. At Labrador Park, explore the old fort and
    underground bunkers built during the heyday of the British Empire.
    Get up close and personal with a coastal artillery gun and take a
    winding path back into history.

    Trail 2: "You've Got Mail!": Putting Our Stamp on Time™
    Friday 18 July 6.30pm - 10.30pm
    Saturday 26 July 6.30pm - 10.30pm

    A humble piece of paper too small to paint on. But it carries your
    mail and collectors pay a fortune for it. Even riots were sparked by it!
    Have a tipple at a cosy pub named after the world's first stamp
    and learn about Victoria's real Secret. Visit Fort Canning Hill to
    understand early communications from flagstaffs to underground
    signals. Explore our magnificent former General Post Office and meet
    retired Postmasters who made it all happen then. Walk through the
    tunnel that once linked us to the rest of the world. Come on this
    journey of discovery - not your usual stamping ground.

    For this trail, participants will stop at a pub for a complimentary drink.
    Non-alcoholic drinks are available.

    Trail 3: Grit, Glitz and Nightless Days: A Chinatown Night Walk™
    Saturday 19 July 6.30pm - 10.30pm
    Friday 25 July 6.30pm - 10.30pm

    Enter the world where heroes were born under the unlikeliest
    circumstances. 19th century Chinatown was a hotbed for entrepreneurship
    and fortune-seeking, but not always in the way one would expect.
    Peek into a shophouse cubicle measuring 10 by 8 feet, and picture it as
    home to a family of fourteen. Look upon its beautiful façade and discover
    the horrific tragedy that took place within. Venture further into the fringes,
    and learn about those who were embroiled in the brothel trade, opium and
    gambling dens. From the bigwigs of historical Chinatown to the common
    man and woman on the street, each individual has a story to tell.

    Would that be one of a hero or a failure? You decide.

    Recommended for participants 18 years and above.
    Please note that one of the stops include a visit to a barbequed pork

    Trail 4: From Coconuts to Kaya!: A Cultural and Culinary Adventure of Katong™
    Saturday 19 July 1pm - 5pm
    Saturday 26 July 1pm - 5pm

    Follow your nose and our expert guide. Uncover some of the best-kept
    secrets of the Katong district, home to the highest concentration of
    award-winning dishes on the island. Trace its transformation from an
    idyllic seaside village and plantation area to the vibrant and charming
    residential enclave it is today. With its rich mix of Malay, Eurasian,
    Chinese, Peranakan, Ceylonese, Jewish, Arabic and Indian heritage,
    you're in for a treat. Be introduced to brave hearts who uphold the
    highest standards in kopi tiams, chic eateries, old-style confectioneries
    and bakeries. Along the way discover a treasure trove of local traditions,
    religions and architecture. Come on this tour where wars are fought
    everyday ... all over food, of course!

    For this trail, participants will be visiting a mosque. If you'd like to
    enter the mosque, please refrain from wearing sleeveless tops and
    shorts/mini-skirts/bermudas. Along the trail, there will be food
    samplings available (both halal and non-halal food.)

    Trail 5: The Other Side of Geylang
    Saturday 19 July 6.30pm - 10.30pm
    Saturday 26 July 6.30pm - 10.30pm

    Trace the evolution of Geylang - Singapore's infamous red-light district –
    from its beginnings as a coconut and lemongrass plantation in the 19th
    century, to a sports hub in the 1970s, to housing the Malay enclave of
    Geylang Serai to the budding art haven of today. Take in the sights, sounds
    and smells of this colourful neighbourhood with its many side lanes
    ("lorongs") being home to numerous places of worship, clan association
    clubhouses, as well as martial arts centres. Catch the buzz of the nightlife
    happening amidst the architectural backdrop of well-preserved traditional
    shophouses, and be sure to try some of the delectable delights in this
    food and fruit paradise.


    Online Registration
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