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    Default connection problems

    very irritated. i'm using starhub

    both my firefox and ie are having trouble loading certain websites and it's not just on this computer. my laptop and the other computers in my hope also the same problem

    keep getting this on firefox when i try to load some sites

    "connection interrupted
    document contains no data"

    wah lau, got work to do man...why like that?

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    Default Re: connection problems

    i can't get into ESPN on FF or IE.

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    Default Re: connection problems

    starhub .....

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    Default Re: connection problems

    Quote Originally Posted by Dream Merchant View Post
    starhub .....
    you said it.

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    so i'm not the only one? i can't get into soccernet either...argh..irritating..hope they resolve it soon

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    are you using zonealarm? recently the microsoft security patch somehow conflict with ZA.
    Objection !!!

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    Default Re: connection problems

    Hmmm I can get into soccernet easily.

    My friend was complaining that one other site didn't open for him. Seems starhub is choking
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