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    2 gridded Vivitar 285HVs top left and right at 1/16th power to light up the cam, another at the top gelled blue also gridded at 1/4th power to light up background.. optical slave attached to the radio transmitter to sync all 3 flashes with my S80..

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    Nice experimentation!
    Would prefer if the blue background light coincided with the position of the (subject) camera instead of being fixed but I guess that's very difficult to pull off when the subject is in free fall.

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    pretty cool!

    i felt that needs more space though. also, if you have seen most product shots of dslrs, they like to put one big big swee swee lens and show the details of the lens..

    here the lens is dark, not sure why, but i think if the details can be seen it would be great

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    thanks for the comments.. guess I should have positioned the flash abit more forward facing..

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    didn't go as well, abit out of focus and slight overblown highlights.. though with the 50 1.4 I think it looks better..


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