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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeckson Chow View Post
    Actually, come to think of it, I really don't understand what the commotion is all about. My thread is opened to share photography skills, what is happening outside Singapore, etc. for discussion. How come it became to be kind of hot?

    I would appreciate comments on photography skills and/or how to improve over the flaws. But well... Cannot stop people from saying anything they like. But to take it personally on the emotion factor is a little bit over-exagerated, in my opinion.

    If you, as viewers, finds it offensive, I am sorry because I cannot help you. You choose to click on the link presented. I have warned you that the pictures may contain material that may touch on the sensitive adult genre, or considered explicit to some people. You click the link and see something that you like, you are happy. If you don't like it, just close it and it ends there. Full stop. No need to start a thread here to address issues unnecessary.

    Of course, to Yappy, he may just wanna get some opinions on how one would feel if the showgirls are someone they personally know. That is okay lah, I think. But starting a thread with MY NAME on it is unnecessary.

    Anyway, here is the thread again. Please read the 1st post. I have put my warning. You click it at your own choice and any action resulted from viewing the pictures are purely your own business. ClubSNAP and myself has nothing to do with what you feel, do, etc. after that. So please don't question morals, attitudes, cultures, who is right or wrong, etc. because that only makes you look real bad.

    There is a saying I have heard, "One that continues digging his/her ass in his/her sleep will wake up with smelly fingers".
    My thread is opened to share photography ZC

    Thank you for the advices. Really appreciate what you had said and I like this one.

    "One that continues digging his/her ass in his/her sleep will wake up with smelly fingers"

    thanks again

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    I know this may sound a little dumb of me ... but what is the actual purpose and bearing of this thread?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeckson Chow View Post
    Hello all,

    Please do not send me any private messages about this thread. If there is anything you wish to clarify, let's make it open. I don't want to reply private messages on this. Thanks ah.
    Let hear your view openly. I support ZC!

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    Quote Originally Posted by aeskywan View Post
    Don't know what is the hoo haa about and my apologies for intruding in.

    Yappy, my two cents worth.....

    The world out there is bigger than the little well we live in here called Singapore. There are many things happening that we will recoil in fear, shame, or revulsion due to our ignorance and thinking that whatever we learn here is the correct way.

    In short.... why so worked up? After all it's another country, another culture... if you like it, then enjoy it. If you don't like it then be at peace and walk away.

    Taking pot shots at everyone doesn't seem the right thing to do... instead it only makes you look like a bigot.....
    You are right and if I had done it I apologise.

    We are never ignorance. The WEB has actually opened up the world to everyone who has access to internet.

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    Default Re: Neverland...

    ok, there are enough responses to satisfy the TS

    thank you for all your responses/views

    thread closed

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