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    can i put it in my dry box? will i get food poisoning?
    Objection !!!

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    you mean uncook one? Surely won't, unless your dry cabinet are contaminated already
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    Why in the world? But I can put my leather shoes inside. Won't get fungus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ninelives View Post
    can i put it in my dry box? will i get food poisoning?
    Food in general raw or cooked or processed for long shelf life.... are already degenerating and slowly going bad the moment it's killed or produced. So putting it in your typical camera dry box will not extend it's shelf life. On the part about long as you have kept the box clean or have done so prior to putting any dried food items in, it should be fine BUT I hope you did not mean you intend to strip off the seal wrapping of each noodle pack just so you can store them all in the dry box hehehe.. The concept of the dry box is nothing new to the kitchen in fact I would say phorographer got that idea from the kitchen since we use alot of air tight containers boxes and jars.

    The thing is though...why use a camera dry box? The kitchen versions are cheaper

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    Actually, as a Food Science undergrad, the lower levels of moisture in the drybox does help inhibit microbial growth, fat oxidation and other spoilage processes. But surely you will want to set the lowest humidity setting.. which means your cameras will crack up. Maybe maggi is a bad example, but if you have half eaten twisties or chips, and don't want them to lose the crunchiness, why not put it in the dry box?

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    no wonder i saw the kopitiam macik selling maggi goreng buying a big dry box .......

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    maggi me has become such luxury item? hehe...
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