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Thread: What's the cheapest camera (non-disposable) you ever bought?

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    Default What's the cheapest camera (non-disposable) you ever bought?

    -Must not be disposable type
    -First hand, new

    Mine cost $5 in 1987, uses the old 110 type film and does not employ any electronics. Film rewinding is manual and its really small and simple. I think its called a Tom Thumb or something. I don't know thats the brand or the model. I had since lost it.

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    I bought this super lousy 35mm camera (unbranded) for $25 when I was in primary school (ard 1994/95).

    It's still with me now (wonder whether it still works or not).

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    a free kodak manual cam when i was pri 2-3 i guess
    cos at that time, my mum was working in kodak

    gave it to my cousin when i was in sec 1 or pri 6


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