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    Took this snapshot of my taxi driver cum tour guide during my last trip to Taiwan. We were chatting at the entrance of a tunnel when his expression turned very serious. Then I quickly took this shot with my 50mm.

    I increased the contrast of his face to emphasize on the wrinkles and darken the background to bring out the subject. Desaturated the red to bring out the dull mood of the picture plus make it less distracting

    Composition wise, I hope the viewer will first look at the eye then the wrinkles then the Ma Ying Jiu words on the cap

    Ok thats all, let me know if you get the "feel" and please comment on the colours, skin tone etc. Thanks in advance!

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    sorry to be frank, but in no way does your title relate to the image, even your write-up has left me in the dark. please be careful when you title your shots, because it forms the basis of what a person is expecting so see, and when it doesn't link, it leaves them pretty confused. (but if those chinese characters actually links with the title, then maybe i'm partly wrong)

    and now to the image, the composition is just too tight to make it interesting. i understand that you may have a 50mm, but you could have changed to something wider and probably capture the scenery zipping by with some of the dashboard to actually indicate that he's a cab driver - that could have provided quite an interesting background for the subject.

    i can see where you are going with your post processing, but as i've said again, the composition is just too dull to hold the viewer's attention to actually pay attention to the finer aesthetic details of the image.
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    i think the picture is too tight already.... try not to cut off his chin at least...maybe a 3/4 view might have more impact too :>

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    Thanks Patryk and Tainted for your comments

    Patryk -> The chinese words are actually the name of the current president of Taiwan who has only just stepped up went I was there. There was a change in the ruling party and this is the main reason for my title. Will take note of the composition

    Tainted -> Yeah agree that the shot is super tight... so tight that I couldn't even crop anything.


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