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Thread: Which Disposable Camera?

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    Originally posted by HOCL
    Hi Lindy

    Tks for the update. Surprise to hear your verdict. Any possibility that the lighting conditions are different when you use the two?

    PS: The reusable "fujiyama" I saw at Mustafa is selling for abt $30+.
    Hmm... though both taken at different places, they were taken under bright sunny days...
    when i was using the fuji cam... i was at a place with much clear waters with plenty of fishes...but the colors seems washed out...
    my bad? *shrugs*

    hmmm 30+ eh...can try...heh!

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    Quote Originally Posted by maxteo98
    there's a dive shop at concourse( beach road ) selling a resuable disposable camera that can goes to 85feet ( about 25m ).

    it cost about $38.
    shop name is wakiki. #01-???

    basically it's like what kodak and fuji is offering but can go deeper and can reload new film(asa 800) + flash( on/off) + 2 aa batteries

    my frd got it for a dive trip, i bought 1 recently for my trip this wkend.
    Their opening is from ???? till ???. any contact number ?


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    I have 1 and can let it off at a lower rate at $20 since i am not going to use it. U can reload normal film for future reuse.

    here's the details
    reusable underwater cam

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    the cam's look too pretty to use lo ahah..

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