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    Hi guys, still new to photography, took this at the Chek Jawa wetlands at high tide and pp to black and white and removed some distractions on the background. Any comments on how do i improve on this photo?

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    Well, quite a good concept. Watch out for the dust spots, especially the top left. I would recommend to darken your picture and raise the contrast to make the tree even obvious, also to give the picture a gloomier feel to it.

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    i feel you should have taken the shot in landscape applying rule of thirds placing tree slightly to the left or right of picture.

    yes boosting the contrast would make the pic a little better
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    Another perspective is cropping off the lower 1/3 of the pic. Will bring the focus more on tree.

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    I think its lack of high tone... the mid tone and low tone is present though......

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    personally i would either have done a wider crop to show the space and sense of abandoness

    your blackandwhite conversion looks abit washed out, lack of contrast i feel, you can push it up and make the tree stand out more

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    thanks for the comments everyone. could not do a wider crop cause there were other trees beside it, had to change many angles to get the most non distractive background, already pped away a few branches hanging into the picture. Contrast wise yea, i think thats one major way to improve the picture. Thanks!

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    Bumped the contrast by 100% and brightness by 13%. It really looks better now.

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    try extending the width of canvas in PP, select the R/L portions of the photo and use transform to fill the new blank canvas. try not to overdo it otherwise the ripples/waves may look fake. it might work.

    eer... do u need so much foreground? why not use the same technique to extend the sky above.
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    i think it's a pretty good effort.


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