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Thread: SLR lenses on DSLR?

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    Default SLR lenses on DSLR?

    Anyone knows how a DSLR will work with an SLR lens? You know you have to set the aperture manually and stuffs, so does the aperture settings show on the DSLR's screen?

    Saw nikon's website with its Manual lenses, so for a camera like D60, you've gotta focus and turn the aperture rings manually.. the dslr still works normal?
    Just wondering.

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    Default Re: SLR lenses on DSLR?

    it not whether the slr lens will work on the dslr, its more on what kind of mount your lens are equipped with.

    E.g. canon has the EF/EFS mount.. EF mounts generally work for both their slr and dslr.. I'm not too sure about nikon's..

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    Most Nikon SLR lenses can mount on the new DSLR bodies.
    Only difference is that only AF-S lenses can autofocus with lower-end DSLR (D40/D60)
    Only Higher-end DSLR (D200/D300/D3) can meter AIS lenses.

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    Most Minolta lenses are SLR-day lenses and still have full autofocus and automatic aperture adustment on the new Sony DSLR bodies. So yeah, many of my lenses are SLR lenses and they work perfectly.

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    Default Re: SLR lenses on DSLR?

    I have an old Pentax Z-20 SLR with various lenses. I use on my K10D by using M mode and play with the aperture manually and the shutter manually. Still works but you must remember the crop factor. So a 85mm F1.8 will become approx 127.5mm
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    Default Re: SLR lenses on DSLR?

    as for nikon lenses

    almost all nikon lenses can be mounted as the mount is the same

    as for compatibility, google it

    this information can also be found in the camera user manual


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