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Thread: Olympus C750 Review by Megaweb

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    Default Olympus C750 Review by Megaweb

    Olympus C750 Review by Megaweb


    • 4 million pixels for image processing
    • 10x Ultra Zoom, equivalent to 38-380mm and 1-3x digital Tele, seamless
    • Bright zoom lens F2.8-3.5
    • Electronic View Finder (0.44", 180.000 pixels), displaying full photographic info
    • xD-Picture Card compatible
    • Program (P)/ Aperture Priority(A)/ Shutter Priority (S)
    • Histogram in shooting mode
    • S-macro (from as close as 4cm)
    • QuickTime motion JPEG
    • Audio/Video interface
    • USB AutoConnect

    ...... The Olympus C750 produces fairly sharp, high resolution (for a 4 megapixel) and well colour balanced images. The big zoom will get you into places you wouldn't otherwise be able to reach and assuming you have fairly good light you'll get away without the need for image stabilization.

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    Nice review! Short and sweet! No overflooding of specs

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    Default makes me not regretting my C750 purchase.

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    just a nit pick..

    under 10x zoom test, it says:
    "Below shows 4 shots (1 wide and 3 zooms) of the blue car about 300mm away taken through my window. "

    i think it should be 300m rite?

    in any case, it's a very concise and well done review.. good on u, megaweb!

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    Nice review. With obligatory Megaweb's Insect mating Macro shot.

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    Nice review

    Did u use close-up or just the supermacro?

    Any idea how to use the two in one feature? Is it similar to the double exposure for film camera?

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    Is the remote control included in the box?

    Can video recording mode with sound use optical zoom?

    What is the price of xD picture cards nowadays, say 128mb and 256mb?


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    yeah.. i am interested in knowing what is in the box as well. some review i read doesn't said anything about the bundled remote control while some others do. also, some wrote the box even comes with 4 rechargeable batts with one overnight charge. this is better bundle than the previous 730UZ box.

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    no remote control is bundle

    I guess you got to ask Olympus for detail
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    Mine comes with a remote and non rechargable batts.

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    hrmm.... i guess different places got different bundle. i would prefer the remote. the included charger is those slow overnight type. would rather pay for a fast charger. hope to get this camera soon.

    both reviews has remote control and the overnight charger bundled...

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    Nice images! I think i found my first digital camera!


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