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    Question portfolio advice

    Hi everyone,
    i'm new to this board and i have a few questions abt getting a portfolio together...

    im going to london on a working holiday visa soon. Even though it is not my intention to get serious photography jobs but i thought since im there, i should give it a shot.

    i've done mostly personal work here with some magazine shoots covering concerts (very few). I'm thinking of hooking up with some music magazines there. i know its gonna be tough but what the heck.

    I actually have an old portfolio that i did when i was in school with mostly prints. i wanna update it with new shots. Im thinking of getting it done on a Cd-rom, with the pix and layout done with photoshop and Illustrator (getting someone to help) What is the best way to approach this? Is there any shop that specialise in this or any website that may be helpful?

    thanks for reading....

    May life offer what your dreams cannot hold

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    hi , can borrow ur thread???

    just wanna know ... normally when doing a profolio ... wat size of prints do you all blow up to ??? is there a standard size or it's just depends on personal preferences ... ?



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