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Thread: My first attempt on Photography

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    Default My first attempt on Photography

    Hi everyone,

    This is MG here. Today i had my first attempt on photography at Punggol. Please take a look and feel free to comments.

    This is the link.

    The photos are taken with a Prosumer, Konica Minolta, which i had borrowed from my friend.

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    Nice skies, clouds and colours. But to be honest, nothing particularly interesting in terms of subject, except perhaps that tree. No offense though, just comments =)

    For starters, placing the tree dead center, or any subjects, tends to be rather dull and frowned upon. You can read up on rules of thirds (compositional rules). Maybe try picking what you consider the best picture (and think about the reasons you will give, on why it is the best and why you picked it), and post it in the critique section for more comments.

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    Default Re: My first attempt on Photography

    personally, i would like to know what is your intention for taking the #4 ?
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    Default Re:My first attempt on Photography

    Thanks for comments. I am still learning,reading up and hands on. hopefully one day, i can own my target camera.

    To Icebox : Thanks for your comments. As i am still learning into photography, all comments are welcome. Thanks for giving the tips on Rules of third. I did a search on that subject on wiki

    To serametin: Infact, i dont hv any intention for Pic #4. That was taken when i am on my way out to the main road when i notice that the sun is starting to "hide" behind the clouds.
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    some interesting shots there. with nice coloured skies.
    anyway, i agree with icebox in the rule of thirds. placing an object deadweight in the centre does not leave space for much thought for the viewer. the viewer needs to see what you're "getting it" when you take a shot (:
    you might also want to leave the date out in the future. its quite distracting.
    hope these comments help + that no offence is taken.
    happy shooting! (:


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