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Thread: DSLR newbie ques on focusing

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    Default DSLR newbie ques on focusing

    I am using canon 400D and i have 2 ques:

    1. What is "AI Servo Mode"? i dun quite understand instruction manual explanation "... sports photography..., focus and exposure will be adjusted accordingly". Does it mean that when taking picture, if my subject moves from left to right of my shooting frame, it will still be in focus??

    2. when taking portraits, how do i exactly focus on subject's eyes?

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    Servo shifts focus.. When like you are focusing on a cow, if the cow walks towards you, the focus will move to focus on the cow, if you are using multiple shots.. If you use multiple shot and dont use servo, the cow will eventually go OOF.

    To focus on eyes, set manual focus point and put the point on the eyes, or do focus lock


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