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    Taken in Bangkok, 12mm, f/4, 1/400s with 12-24 f/4 on D70s

    Hoping to get some comments on the composition. Is the line on the left too distracting, and does it lead to the person at the top left rather than the cart? Also, is the stall at the top right too distracting?

    Would like to know how i can improve maybe the angle, composition and framing.

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    the line on the left isn't distracting, at least for me. but wats the main focus of this picture? is it both the fruits and seller?

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    the fruits seems to be OOF for this shot.

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    the seller looks a little distorted.

    the line looks good in fact, but maybe you can try shooting at +0.3 so we could see the face of the seller too.

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    much too cluttered, note that there are other ways to compose this scene other than leading lines, which introduces severe distortion. this is fine when it isn't detrimental to the image, but here it is.

    focal point should ideally be at infinity, and shoot at f/16 for good dof, the lighting condition is not too bad here it seems.

    this perspective introduces the handbag shop, which is distracting, i find.

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    Why not move a little and shoot from the dragonfruit/oranges? Since you're using an ultrawide, you can go in closer and use the wide dof to show a relationship to the fruit seller.
    I'd have shot it that way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HTCahHTC View Post
    the line on the left isn't distracting, at least for me. but wats the main focus of this picture? is it both the fruits and seller?
    I agree with you. It directed me to the gentleman who was walking.

    It appeared cluttered, but it is difficult to avoid the background as it was taken with a small aperture and it is a busy street.

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    thanks very much for your replies. i will take them into consideration the next time i shoot.

    btw this was shot at waist level, so f/16 would have meant that the shutter speed would be 1/25" - quite difficult to handhold. also, the fruits appear in focus on the original image. the JPEG quality probably caused it to look weird - as does the face of the person.

    i just wanted to get some opinions on this type of composition, though i didnt really compose for this shot.

    to night86mare: would it have been better if i shot with the camera above the fruits?


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