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Thread: Taking photos in Los Angeles

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    Dear CS Family,

    I'll be going to LA to take some pictures for a publication. Before that I'll need to scout out some location for the shots needed. I'll really appreciate if anyone can share with me some advice on locations such as the following:

    1) A nice beach
    2) Overall view of a the city at night
    3) Any vineyard near the area?

    Thank you all, hope to hear from you.

    Best Regards

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    #1 will depend on the weather and your luck. You can try Santa Monica beach or Venice Beach. But the last time I was there (last week), it was cloudy and dreary.

    #2 can shoot from a number of places, e.g Universal Studios and the hill overlooking the Hollywood bowl (and usually the place people go to see the Hollywood sign). But, especially now, LA is rather foggy.

    #3 Dunno.


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    Thank you Ckiang! I'll go check it out.


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