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Thread: Amatuer but loving it.

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    Default Amatuer but loving it.

    Seriously, for this series i don't know which catergory to place it.

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    Default Re: Amatuer but loving it.

    hahah omg why the 2nd pic the dog eye, 1 side blue 1 side red! anyway, sorry to digress!

    your pictures seem abit soft.. i dont know is it really, or maybe its just me!

    i like the last picture, pity about the shadow casts, did u diffuse your flash?

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    Default Re: Amatuer but loving it.

    wow i like the pictures, just alittle unsure of the presence of that cute little dog haha
    esp like the last two pics

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    Default Re: Amatuer but loving it.

    wow i like the last pic
    but would prefer the whole body to be shown though
    and theres a little black mark on the extreme top right

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    Default Re: Amatuer but loving it.

    i like this series, there is a good sense of what you are doing. the execution, lighting and treatment is very well done.

    the dog is really out of point though, hurhur.

    and yes, for the last blackandwhite, the abrupt cropping of the leg is not good. it looks like a mistake.

    you may want to manually blur the backdrop in #1 more, i still can see the wrinkles. or place the chair further away, and shoot with less dof, and turn the wrinkles into bokeh.


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