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Thread: Pinhole images @ Verandah Cafe

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    Default Pinhole images @ Verandah Cafe

    Some self!

    I am running a little mini showcase/exhibition of my alternative works at the Verandah Cafe at Asia Civilisation Museum at the Singapore River Waterfront, Empress Place. The cafe is right opposite Timbre at the Arts House. The showcase will run for 1 month and will end by end of July 08.

    All the images are local iconic buidlings that I have captured over the last 2 years in Singapore using pinhole camera.
    These pinhoe images are using the various format from 6x6 to 6x18 format on mostly B&W film and positive slides..

    Do drop by and give me your support if you can spare the time. Thanks.
    You can see the place at the link below:
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