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Thread: Encryption in a pic!

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    Default Encryption in a pic!

    Hi Guys/Gals,
    ever needed to encrypt some stuff?
    Here's a software that can encrypt files or text into an existing image.
    Pretty cool, check it out...

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    Default Steganography

    This is the science of steganography. There was a lot of research done about 6-7 years back in this field, and a lot of free software available. Hell, you can even write your own software to encode data in images. It is quite simple - altering a few bits in an image file will corrupt the image a little, but this can be controlled depending on the bits and bit patterns you alter, and on how much you alter. For practical purposes, it will still look like a valid JPEG or GIF to a casual observer but since the receiver also knows the algorithm, he will be able to decode it and read the hidden message.

    As for proporta, I would really hesitate to use it, after reading such statements on their website : "We don't have a 'bit strength' measurement to tell you and we're not sure how many 'ages of the universe' it would take to break. Quite simply, we don't know how secure it is"


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