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    Hi alls where is a good website to read up on studio photography?

    I was just wondering the other day .. when you fire off eg 2 off camera flashes, you can see the certain highlights/shadows in the photo. What is a common setting for people in a studio? Do you purposely shoot it at say 1/125 f/8 for people to make it all black and then use the flash to light it up? Or do you mix it with ambient light. Sorry if i sound so confusing, this is the newbie corner's after all.

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    there isnt really any common settings for lighting. just boils down to high key, low key or mid key setup. it also depends on what kind of lighting n shadow u want to have on your model. most of the time, shutter speed is at 1/125. f/8 is usually for high key lighting. u sort of put ambient out of the equation when u work with strobes.

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    in studio, photographers have total control of the lighting, and most of the time photographers don't want mix ambient with studio light, so the ambient light is keep it to minimum.

    and most photographers don't shoot wide open in studio, working aperture for human subjects are between f8~f16.
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    True that, thanks for your very valuable insight. One more qn that has been bugging me.. more of a sidenote;

    I currently own a 580exi and a 430ex. What I am looking for is an ST-E2 perhaps to maximise both the flashes, instead of just managing with one off-shoe flash, lets say for portraiture. ST-E2 will be perfect indoors, but chance is that since i want to keep it mobile, I may need to shoot it outdoorsy with possible harsh sunlight conditions. Anyone in a similar plight? Need some advice from da PrOzZz!

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    just my noob 2 cents worth. if u not working with very long range stuff and weird angles, the ste2 will suffice.

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    Hi do any1 know where can i get studio lighting kits ???
    cos i would like to invite friends over for a shot
    Any1 got any recommendations???
    Thanks !!!


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