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Thread: Blinded by love!

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    Hey DM ... then this is one case where some of the fault lies with that "society" in which they belong to. And it's sick.

    Granted, the father does not deserve to be stabbed, nor the maids. That is why, justice is served. However, this is indicative of how sick certain segment of society is.
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    Actually, lots of 'sick' things still happen all over the world, even in opened-up and 'progressive' regions or countries. Not easy to wipe out hundreds of years of beliefs and culture in a decade or two. Also, there will always be 'very tightly-knit' communities and societies ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rashkae View Post
    It's a matter of hormones. Men and women peak at different ages.

    And 38 and 23 is a bit huge, no matter which way the genders go.

    Dunno, I heard an older lady told me this. Actually they think younger men can satisfy older women. Cause the older the women ...the stronger the urge.

    To me, age isn't a big thing. As long as both parties have to be genuine lor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Del_CtrlnoAlt View Post
    either the person writing got maths issue or something...

    For attempting to murder Mr Shahani, Navin, who was studying marine engineering under a shipping company scholarship, was sentenced to 10 years' jail and six strokes of the cane.

    For hurting each of the two maids, he was given six years' jail and five strokes.

    so its 10 years + 6 years = 16 years... then the strokes wrong... cos it will be only 6 + 5... but if u add 2x 6years + 10 years, is 22 years & 16 strokes...

    so confusing...
    yea man, it is quite a badly written article. 'retired shipping magnate' repeated in the following sentence. redundancy!

    but boy, this guy terok sia.

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    I pity the woman. Wonder how she feels now, seeing her lover hurting his dad for fighting their so called "love"

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