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    Qn1. I bought a Cosina CT1 Super and I need advice on where to repair the shutter function. Other than that, the camera is in fine working condition.

    Qn2. My Fujica St801 needs to be repaired too & I'm not sure about the lenses.

    Places to repair???

    Advice? Thanks.

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    I Believe @ SunShine plaza got a shop doing it, @ floor lvl, facing the rd.
    display LOTS of SLR on the window, hard to miss.

    Remember is SUNSHINE plaza, tt is @ bugis area.....

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    Before you head down, do some research first. The Cosina CT if I remembered correctly is a Pentax K mount. Even with the most basic repair, you will end up $35 to $50 poorer. I suspect shutter repair will cost more. Price of this camera and is roughly $70-$80. Is it worthwhile to repair?

    As for the ST801, is it the metering? Then your repair cost will be high as well. Camera price is about $150-$180 in decent condition. You do the math yourself

    Of course if they are of great sentimental value, the whole economics of things would not be applicable.

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    To add on to shuttergal, if, however, everything elase is perfect, I'd go for repair since you won't be "wasting" one body, and you spend less than you would a 2nd hand one in decent condition. At least you know whatever you repaired is almost good as new, depending on the quality of your repair service.

    The one at Sunshine Plaza is called Camera Hospital, if I'm not wrong. Never stepped in before but passed by it a number of times. Another place to get repair quotations for free, and probably good prices should you decide to repair, would be P&G at The Adelphi, opposite Funan Centre. There's also a branch in Peninsula if I'm not wrong.

    With regards to lenses, I'd do some research and see if the lenses can be used on other cameras anot, or stick to the one you already have, or get just a few lenses to cover the range you'd most likely shoot in. You should determine if the money spent on the lenses and the repairs is worth the amount you're shooting. Otherwise, IF there's no sentimental value, then I guess you could just display it or sell it.
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