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    Talking Newbie at Lomo

    Just got myself a Diana+ and I'm totally lost at how to snap some really nice lomo photo. Someone guide me please!

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    u can check out actually... it is a local forum for lomography... don really know how to help u with getting nice lomo pic... but like all other photography.... shoot more...

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    actually i'm already a member of that site. but.. yea still kinda lost.

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    can check out

    they got give u tips on how to shoot all the lomo range of cams.

    i just got an lc-a myself, but have been shooting with regular film to see how it turns out before i switch to slides to x-pro. cos slides are expensive...

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    Hi shermaineee, I agree with OmEgA-aLpHa, that is, to shoot more. But remember, in lomography, there is no rules. Just shoot first, think later is the motto. It's more arty-farty, in a sense, and since art is subjective, as long as you like the pictures you take, that's good enough. You are the one in control (or in this case, not in control) of the turnout. It's all about the surprise results you get... especially with film, you need to finish the whole roll, need to develop, need to scan if you're not printing all. These is the excitement of lomography.

    I don't have a Diana myself, but if I were to take arty-farty photos, try having a theme for every photoshoot. Themes help you connect the pictures that you take to tell a story. I used to go round taking only certain colored stuff. Haha! Say my theme for the day is red, I'll go around shooting all the red things I can find.

    Once again, shoot more! Hope you enjoy your Diana! CHeers!
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    enjoy ur shoots. ya gonna love it.

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    still very lost. and my diana lens has got some prob. lolol


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