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Thread: Comparision of Editing

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    Quote Originally Posted by boombox View Post
    photo 2 looks relatively interesting, and it's the usual stuff you'd normally see in real life, the colours are rather neutral. all that went out of the window when you turn to see photo 1 - which seemed to have its curves bumped on the bright/dark end in comparison to photo 2.

    Of course, when put together, photo 1 is the attention grabber.

    Preference wise, none - if both are put together.
    Photo 1 now becomes too vivid,
    Photo 2 now becomes too dull,

    But if you put them on their own, they both work for me.
    Thanks for your evaluation, i appreciate it..

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    Of course the second one is better ... more vibrant
    It's just a matter of taste with passion...just watch and learn...

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    I prefer #002. One look and I know #001 doesn't exist naturally and it's very artificial.
    I hate how brown the sea looked and the overly contracted color after editing. Looks like chocolate milk.

    #002, on it's own, could have been improved with a little burning in of the sky, slight contrast adjustment on the building. But i'd prefer if it was shoot with a polariser and left the way it is shot; meaning unedited.

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    I prefer 001, except for the sky color. I would adjust that something like this:

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