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Thread: Tripod/Ballhead Recommendation

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    hi i'm looking for a tripod. here's my gear,

    canon eos 40d
    ef 24-105mm and 70-200 f/4L IS
    580ex II

    usage would be mostly for landscape, long exposure and portraiture. i would be doing a fair bit of travelling with it, and prefer anything but aluminium/wood materials.

    i'm planning on getting a tripod (real sturdy one) but the gitzo ones seem way out of my league. manfrotto seems to be a good deal, and i've narrowed it down to the 055MF3. 3 sections provide more height and greater stability for me. Any other recommendations?

    i'm looking at getting a good ball head that won't shift when i tighten the knob, it must have a quick release plate as well. currently narrowed down to kirk bh-3, and manfrotto 488rc4.

    anyone with experiences with the gitzo balheads (can they be used for on other tripods?) or any other recommendations (tripod and ballhead)? would be good if anyone could give some feedback on their experiences too!

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    a gitzo tripod is the best, try looking, you can get good cheaps ones, yi fen qian, yi fen huo.
    i just got a gitzo tripod that was produce in the 1980 i think, very old and good tripod. as for ball head. you can go for manfrotto 488CR2. must see your load and height btw. =)

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    The Feisol CT-3310 and Kirk BH-3 combination have worked wonders for many folks. You can google for more comments and recommendations. I personally owned the above combination before.

    I'm now using the much smaller Feisol CT3441 with their CB-30 ballhead, mainly because it fits into my luggage and it is sturdy enough to hold my heaviest setup of 2kg.
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