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Thread: Need Help With Lens!

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    Hi guys haha i just found out my dad has a couple of Nikon mount Tamron lens. However, they are quite old fits on the old Nikon F-601. I was just wondering if i were to buy a converter would it work if i were to get my 40D? and are the converters like transferable from one lens to other?

    they are the AF 70-200 and AF 28-300 i think.
    wad does AF mean for Tamron lens? i know EF means it's for canon but for tamron?

    oh ya one last qs? does EF-S mean no Auto Focus or wad does it mean?

    Oh ya mods if this should fall under nikon or canon(most prob) please forgive me as i did not know where this should go maybe it should just stay here :P hahaha

    Thanks to anyone who answers my questions in advance.

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    yea, there are adaptors for F to EF mount, but you'll only be able to manually focus the lens..

    AF stands for Auto-Focus..

    EF-S is Canon lingo for their "Digital Only" lenses, ie they would only fit on the XXXD/XXD series like the 450D or 40D.. EF lenses fit on all Canon Bodies though..

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    In Canon, EF stands for Electronic Focus. Which has the same meaning as Auto Focus.
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