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Thread: nice design camera bag

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    Default nice design camera bag

    anyone know any camera shoulder bag which is nice designed?

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    crumpler, check them out at the crumpler store @ wheelock place!!!

    tk photo has like alot of bags too i think. i saw crumpler, thinktank, and other usual brands. @ shawtowers

    wouldn't recommend crumpler though. expensive and not as throughly engineered compared to other brands. but they look good though, if you're talking about design in this aspect
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    Default Re: nice design camera bag

    Functionality aside, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder

    The brands mentioned can be checked online as well for a hint of how they look / work


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    Default Re: nice design camera bag

    define nice

    some people find lowepro nice, some people find billingham nice, some people find domke nice, some people find crumpler nice

    i find my plastic bag that i hang around my neck to bring my camera around the nicest


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