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    hi people!

    i'm venturing into the photography scene and looking for a camera! and yes, i have noted that prices are somehow, very cheap on for used DSLRs.

    so the question is, how safe is it to buy over ebay? and, how many of you guys have actually bought from international sellers on ebay?


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    the best way of getting 2nd hand cameras is to meet the seller one to one to check for the camera condition first hand, test the shutter,knobs, buttons...etc if you like it then get it. getting it over ebay for me personally is kinda scary coz you dont know if the describtion match the product, so good luck! i suggest looking on local forums or buy from 2nd hand camera shops =)

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    be careful on ebay or yahoo auctions, IFits too good to be true, it DEFINITELY is.

    there was once on yahoo auction , there were posts about new/used cameras of high end models going 50% off market prices, but requires you to transfer/pay first then they will send item, but it turns out to be scams .

    do be careful, i would rather deal with our CS bros/sis as you can actually try out , test it , and question the seller and bombard them to your hearts content ( oops :P what am i saying ? :P )

    jokes aside, i rather go down, make new friends and receive a tip or two from the seller. when i bought my 2nd dslr, my nikon d50, i spent close to 45mins asking questions about it and the seller even showed me live demo and shortcuts, basically a crash course intro to the camera.

    end of the day, i got my item, gained a friend and gained new knowledge .

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    haha, its really scary but the price is really too attractive. it also appears to be a reliable store as ebay recognise them as their powersellers. anyone knows the market price of a 2nd hand D100?

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    anyone had the experience buying over the internet? places like ebay?

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    I find clubsnap marketplace second hand prices very good also.

    Bought mine here.


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