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    Hi hi,

    the uncle was telling them stories, and asking them of their dreams.
    when one said he had no dream, the uncle asked him to sit with him.
    It seemed kinda like a obscure moment, that while some people shunt the foreign workers, others readily make friends.

    any ideas on how i can improve this?
    i post-proc-ed it abit 'cos hand shaky. but ya.

    thanks for comments. be blunt. ^^

    [edit] shot info: nikon d80, 135mm, f/5.6, 1/25sec, iso 100.
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    angle looks like the guy punched the other guy to me
    Anyways messy background <-- there and redundant spaces. Better if you zoom in close to show their emotions from an angle that tells a story.
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    Your pic is OOF. Not close enough to your subject and messy background. And if you intentionally added the vignet, it doesnt work for me...
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    It's looks more like the indian is kissing the other guy's hands. The red sign in the background also distracting. Definately need to reframe and recrop. Think of the best composition before you press that shutter.

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    hmm okies.
    will take note.

    without a tripod, i now realise the beauty of a f/2.8 lens.
    but yeah. will work on my composition and photo taking techniques.

    eh.. the vignet wasn't intentional. i think it's from the zoom of my 18-135 lens.

    oh anw, the uncle has more supporters today. haha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by peanutsjh View Post
    without a tripod, i now realise the beauty of a f/2.8 lens...
    Honestly, I think you just failed to realise you can actually boost your ISO to a value higher than ISO 100.

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    erm yeah. haha. forgot that.
    too used to my prosumer.


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    Default Re: transient moment

    This scene looks familiar
    Is this in Chinese garden?
    I rather zoom in closer just the two of them
    besides the shaky shot,I can't comment much
    try a faster shutter speed next time and boost exposure just a little
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    yeap yeap.
    it's in chinese garden.

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    i feel it would be better to zoomed in on the 2 guys seated. Crop away all the rest, pic also seem abit underexposed

    btw a f2.8 lens is not magic,perhaps just a 'faster' lens. just let more light in, i think for this shot, it's not a snapshot and u have suffficient time to compose so a fast lens may not be tat helpful for this case a f5.6 i think is sufficient already.. boost ur ISO
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