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Thread: Little White Petals.

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    Default Little White Petals.

    Little White Petals; like wings.
    Hi, this is a shot I took while on a trip to China. I just liked the scattered feeling the flowers gave. I'd appreciate your opinions! (:
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    i think the distribution of the flowers are too random to give any sense to the picture..

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    My humble opinion bro, there are too many flowers around and it doesn't have a 'focussed object'.

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    It shows a nice colour and random an art piece perhaps, but not as a photo without a subject. One thing that comes to mind is wrapping paper...:P
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    Thanks alot for all your opinions!(:
    Yeah I kind of thought it was random and unfocused, but I just somehow found it nice too and wanted to post it to see what people thought(:
    I think you're right, it works as an art piece/wrapping paper but not as a photo. lol(:
    &'Love for the Camera;Irreplacable.}


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