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    In this picture, only one of the scoops is real ice-cream.

    We have no doubt you can tell that the fake one is on the right.

    The pictures were not taken professionally nor styled by a team of people skilled in the craft of food photography.

    But can you tell what it is made of? We reveal all at the end of this article.

    A brief enquiry found that many people buy recipe books for the pictures although they don't cook much. But those pictures that get people drooling aren't always what they seem.

    Under hot studio lights, food quickly loses its good looks and starts to appearunappetising.

    That's why professional food photographers and stylists normally practise with real props but use a stand-in for the actual food.

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    Haha, hilarious read. I heard about this from a friend in journalism previously. Didn't really believe her till I read this. Haha.

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    very interesting...
    haha next time i see mouth-drooling pics of food, i will think twice


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