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Thread: Geomet'r GPS for Nikon & Fujifilm cameras

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    Default Geomet'r GPS for Nikon & Fujifilm cameras

    Just got this nice GPS device from Eastgear this evening, being waiting for such GPS device for long time and reasonable priced too

    In general:

    + simply plug in and push the on button on the connector to get it to sync with GPS satellites, got linked up less then a minute.

    + built quality is quite good and is made in Taiwan.

    + work as described in the manual.

    + work well with Flickr and all info auto detect by flickr.

    + good price

    - altitude seem to be not so accurate because I got different altitude tagged to different photos, average 10-20m differences

    software come with it is very sluggish, i gave up after using 5mins anyway don't need it also

    Also uploaded 1 snap shot to my flickr so you can take a look on the tagged info HERE

    well thats all for now, hope can have a field test soon

    overall I feel is a good buy

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    Default Re: Geomet'r GPS for Nikon & Fujifilm cameras

    Congratz! glad you liked your purchase. But why would you need a GPS tag?
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