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Thread: [Still Life] Lens (Off-Cam Flash)

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    Hi guys, trying out off-camera flash, would like to get your opinions.

    Was a bit distracted while studying, got inspired by reading the Strobist and took the lens out and shot it with one SB-800 on slave. Comments and critiques are welcomed!

    1 x SB-800 1/32 on the left of the lens
    Flash was CTO-ed and shot on Tungsten WB (although not so apparent due to post-processing)
    Shot with a Micro-Nikkor 55mm f2.8 at f5.6
    Processed in Lightroom, desaturated on all channels except yellow.

    EXIF on flickr: here!

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    Default Re: [Still Life] Lens (Off-Cam Flash)

    Not bad. teases the eye a little. Not too cluttered.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JacePhoto View Post
    Not bad. teases the eye a little. Not too cluttered.

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    simple and effective, though I wished there were less blank space on the right.. just a personal feeling..

    anyway, care to share why did you CTO'ed the flash, an ungelled flash would also produce the same image.. thats if the shutter speed was fast enough to kill the ambient..
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    i did forget to mention till a friend asked me a similar question. i have a fluorescent lamp over my desk so setting the tungsten wb and CTO-ing the flash helped to overcome the color cast and give me the lighting i needed.

    the idea of using the tungsten wb and CTO came from one of the Strobist articles.
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    Default Re: [Still Life] Lens (Off-Cam Flash)

    Might have been better in portrait orientation and less of the negative space on both sides...
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    Good shot. Less negative space on the left...


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