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Thread: 740 vs Mju400??

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    Default 740 vs Mju400??

    Based on the Staff promo,
    Mju400 and 740 is same price.

    Mju400 weather proof, simple no fiss camera,
    740, more features and zoom.
    But both are using xD card.
    Is 740 using AA batts?

    Which one would u get?

    Or, C350zoom @ $349, mju300 @ $499?

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    Mju 400 and C740 serve very different needs. Mju400 is more a P&S while the C740 is more for people who want to dabble it bit more with the camera settings. BTW, C740 uses AA batteries.

    Between C350 vs Mju300, I would get the C350. The specs are abt the same and C350 is much cheaper and uses AA batteries.
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    of cos C740 .


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