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    Took the picture to show and let ppl feel at peace.
    the state or quality of being serene, calm, or tranquil; sereneness.

    please do advice if the composition is okay. Thanks for all C&C.

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    i cannot see your main focus of the picture.

    i also cannot see anything interesting or eye-catching in the picture.

    one quick look, i would think that all is OOF.

    i'm sorry, this picture doesnt work for me.

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    I don't see serenity at all. In fact, I see clutter and "what am I supposed to look at?" confusion.

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    Yea man, something ain't right in that picture

    Where was the focus set to?

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    yeah. no point of focus. and is it me, or is the picture kinda blur?

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    the messy background and the fact that your apparent subject is shovelled to the side of the picture makes the composition fail utterly - hence the comments so far, that it is cluttered, that they cannot see what your "subject" is.

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    Focus is on the second bell of the pagoda, but the whole pagoda is very dark and the blurred green BG of the tree is distracting.

    Try mebbe a different angle which will allow a better exposure of the pagoda as well as not get blown highlights from the sky.
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    Very difficult to have a focus....

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    Definitely not serene. Jarring in fact.

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    thanks a lot to everyone for your comments so far.. will be out shooting more pictures and be back for more...

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    got potential.

    essentially need to correct for underexposure and maybe include more pagoda and eliminate the bright light coming between the bells and the leaves.

    I think ur focus is Ok - the underexposure makes it hard to be seen.

    and finally dun title ur pic ... maybe just say pic #16 or something like the way all CSers do here.

    a nice pic is a nice pic ...

    PS: How did u meter? Most matrix/evaluative metering wont lead to this situation?


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