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Thread: how to check a pre-owned dslr?

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    Default how to check a pre-owned dslr?

    assuming, im getting a d40..

    what and how do i check for a pre-owned dslr?
    other then the physical condition, of coz...

    which are the most vulnerable parts?
    n the lens/sensor... how to check if its dustfree?

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    Default Re: how to check a pre-owned dslr?

    Do a search on the inet about the particular model, and look for specific problems linked with that model (no DSLR is perfect).

    Check for those 'weak' points.

    Check for all the normal functions.

    If you take the time to go through very in-depth reviews of that model, you might know a little about the custom functions, settings etc ... check that everything works as supposed to.

    For sensor dust, do a search on 'Sensor dust'. You'll need a laptop with CS or Photoshop loaded to do the test.

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    Default Re: how to check a pre-owned dslr?

    i c.. so gota brg a lappy n upload on the spot to check the images...
    taken on which coloured backgrd, would be easier?

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    Default Re: how to check a pre-owned dslr?

    do mirror lock-up via cam program menu, see if sensor is clear.
    look in the VF with a lens mounted on, see got any dirt, minor dust is okay but dirt is more irrating, think about whether you can accept it.
    use a labtop load image into exif, then see is shutter count really is close to what seller claims.
    shoot a sample shot on a white piece of paper at f22, see got any spots on sensor/kit lens while pixel-peeping on the cam lcd screen.
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