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    This picture was taken when I was on a short trip to Kaoshiung. Many people will be posting the 101 but here, the 85 building is the tallest in Kaoshiung and a landmark. I was up at the viewing gallery and saw that right below there is a park with the peculiar structure so came down and capture it in the foreground and the building in the background. It was taken on a very sunny day with blue skies all round at about 2 pm with a CPL on. Picture taken with my 40D and Tamron 17-50mm. Hope to hear some critique and comments so that I may improve on my photography skills. Thanks.

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    First impressions... good ambient lighting which gaives you nice colours. The bottom 1/4 of the image looks really busy and cluttered. the structure of the bridge in the foregound is vying for attention with the building. Buildings in the background doesn't help much either.

    Perspective tilt should be avoided if you can unless you move in really close to capture the building's lines in a more dynamic manner. In this instant, you are not close enough and nor far enough either to eliminate the distortions or accentuate it.

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    that is a nice looking building, but while the color of the sky is nice, i felt that maybe you can return when there are more clouds - buildings in strong directional light against pure blue backgrounds tend to look like cardboard cutouts.

    it is not clear what your subject is, you can have a primary and secondary one but here the bridge pokey thing and the building are given equal emphasis, which doesn't quite work.

    the perspective tilt, as kit has mentioned, is too little to look intentional, and too noticeable to make it dismissible.

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    Default Re: Kaoshiung 85 Building

    Nice colr there.
    But it look more like a bridge shot then the building shot...

    Hope this help...

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    This is just my 2 cents worth from an amateur.

    There are too many things in the picture that is vying for attention.

    The supposedly main subject looks kinda fake with no dimensions.

    But overall still a good effort.

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    Nice pleasing colour. The bottom kind of clutter. To me the pic looks better if it is cropped below the 'bridge'

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    Hey thanks everyone for the comments and guidance. Will take note about the clutter and the too blue sky.


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