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Thread: Scanning old photos/negatives

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    Default Scanning old photos/negatives

    Because I only hopped on the digital bandwagon in 2003, I'm thinking of digitising my old photos and negatives. But the sheer number of scanners on the market now leaves me confused as to which one to choose?
    Q1. What particular scanners do you recommend?
    Q2. Is it better to outsource it to a 3rd party to scan cos it might be more economical? If so how much do they charge?

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    Default Re: Scanning old photos/negatives

    Really good scanning labs like FotoHub costs $16 to $25 per roll.

    It would be better to purchase your own dedicated scanner but the negative side would be the time taken to scan.

    I've got an old Minolta Dimage Scan 5400 II which takes about half a minute per shot.

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    my Canoscan 8600F take me about 3 to 5 mins per frame. a 36 - 38 frames of negs take me about an hour or so. but yield a 12in x 8in printable image with a 300 DPI. about a A4 paper print. Mine a old model. I think you will be better off with the 8800f etc...
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    Thanks tSkye & Verticoastro! Both scanners look like good machines but only do negatives and slides. I have many photos that do not have negatives anymore (lost). I guess my question is what can I use for scanning the actual photos?


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