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Thread: newbie here n seeking for CC

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    Hi, just bought an 2nd hand dslr recently. here is some of my shoot. CC n feedback r welcome....






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    Please read rules and regulations of Critique Corner before posting.
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    any comment will help me alot in improving my shooting skill...

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    Control ALL elements in producing a still life shot.

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    Hey friend, i have to rotate my PC to view your first few photos....

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    Hi bro, firstly, it is kinda hard to comment on this series due to the number of pics. Maybe you should post like 2 to 3 shots which you like msot. Once you have rounded up the 2 to 3 that you like, perhaps you can tell us why you like them. Is it the colours that affect the mood? The unusual angle? A story to tell? And such... From there, the good old pals in this forum will definitely give you the feedback you hope for... but for now, it is hard cos it is just a series of pics with no indication of what, why and how you shoot them.

    To help you, I will give my comments only on 1 particular pic - pic #9. Since this is the abstract and still life section, pic #9 stir me the most cause I wonder why is the lens cap in such an unusual place? Is it because you have spent all your food money to buy this second hand dslr? Do you get what I mean?

    Critique-wise, I think your white balancing is off, the pic looks too yellow due to the tungsten lighting. Need pp... Secondly, there are little distractons on the top of the pic - the red table-cloth, the glass etc... you should go in a little closer and crop off those unimportant things at the top to isolate your subjects - in this case, the fork, spoon and lens cap. Thirdly, you may want to shoot from a plan view rather than this 45 degree angle.

    All in all, I feel the story part is more important than the technical parts. I hope you will think more about that. These are my humble feedback. Hope you will continue to enjoy shooting.


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