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Thread: Eye One monitor calibration question

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    Default Eye One monitor calibration question

    Fro those who have used it before, which position do you "stick" the device on the screen? Roughly in the center? There is no indication at all.

    I notice that during the calibration, there are square shapes appearing here and there. So if the device is not placed precisely on screen, won't it affect the calibration process and make it inaccurate?

    Thank u!

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    you can "stick" on any spot you like, the square shapes appear here and there, and getting smaller is the process to local the device, and calibrate the particular spot.

    you can repeat the process on a different spot, and you should get identical result. If the other spot's result are too much off, then it's time to get a new display.

    calibration will not correct your display, say, when one side is brighter than the other when it should be equally bright.

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    thanks splim.

    btw, what color temperature do you use for the screen? I use 6500K as I find 5000k too yellow. And can I leave Luminance "as it is" as I have no idea what to select based on my quite old monitor?

    Lastly, are there approximate values to expect for the brightness setting? I know the Contrast has to be 100%. The reason I asked is that in my old Spyder device, the brightness was about 74% but for Eye One, it's 93%!

    thanks very much!

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    I'm as blur as you as to what is the "correct" value to choose, except the one to select LCD or CRT. The brightness could be depending on the ambient light of the room, not sure.


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