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    I would like to print some digital photos. Any recommendations for shops which can deliver good quality photos and is reasonably priced. I believe a 4R photo printing should be around $0.30 or $0.30.


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    $0.30 or $0.30?? You don't leave any margin, do you??

    There is a link somewhere.
    So far those I've printed were more of the snapshot variety. Went el cheapo. Print quality wasn't of the utmost importance
    So I'd rather not disclose the name of the shop. Wait kena flame for recommending lousy shop!
    There are some previous threads on this topic. I can't remember the shop names. Have to search.

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    I printed in a cheap shop which can offer $0.10 cheaper than normal FUJI shop. In the end, after 2-3 years, the color faded and the photo looked like it been taken 100 years before. Btw, I once printed in a FUJI signboard shop near my house for $0.30 per photo. When I get back my photo, I got a shock. They were not using FUJI paper and FUJI printer. Called FUJI company to ask. The FUJI company say that these people were really using the FUJI printer in the past. As FUJI came out with modern ones, they no $$ to upgrade so they stop using FUJI printers and paper. However, FUJI did not have the heart to ask them to remove the signboard. So my advice is go to check out on the authorized dealer before printing.

    I have good impression of Miao Laan @ Bukit Batok. They using the latest Fuji machine and Fuji supreme paper only at $0.30. Also, you can upload the picture so you don't have to be personally down there (although you need to travel to their shop to collect).

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    [QUOTE=ZerocoolAstra;4102549]$0.30 or $0.30?? You don't leave any margin, do you??

    Hahhahaa.... sorry, meant $0.30 to $0.35

    i did a search and the thread was 1 year back... just wondering if there are new shops offering this service.

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    I highly recommend Miao Laan. They've been around for a long time - I've gone to them to print since the film days. Kelvyn is also a very friendly guy. He will even help a noob like me correct the colour and contrast of the photos before printing. (Of cos, if you don't wish for him to do that, he will respect it too. )

    Just let them know you're a CS member, and you'll get $0.30 per 4R print without minimum number of prints.

    Of cos, it also helps greatly that I stay near where Miao Laan is...


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