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Thread: Ixus 860IS or Fuji F100fd?

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    Default Ixus 860IS or Fuji F100fd?


    been doing research for quite some time and wanna get either of one asap.

    but still haven't made up my mind. it'll be nice if u guys could give me ideas.

    I want to take good night shots or low light places with the camera. And as i always think my hands are always shaky, thus causing pictures to be blurry. Which cam can help with these, or at least decrease my problems?

    thanks a bunch.

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    Default Re: Ixus 860IS or Fuji F100fd?

    Fuji F100fd should have better noise control over Ixus 860IS on high ISO shots.
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    Default Re: Ixus 860IS or Fuji F100fd?

    Both have some sort of mechanical stabilisation. Both can help your shaky hand problem to a certain extent. My vote is for F100fd because of the better HI ISO performance.

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    Default Re: Ixus 860IS or Fuji F100fd?

    Thanks for the help! I bought F100FD.


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