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Thread: E-1's UK price confirmed.

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    Default E-1's UK price confirmed.

    "Olympus UK has today confirmed that the body only list price of the E-1 digital SLR (including 17.5% VAT) will be 1699.99. This means that at least initially the E-1 will be approximately 200 more than a Nikon D100 and 450 more than a Canon EOS-10D. Assuming the E-1's street price drops once the immediate rush is over we could see it matching the D100 at 1499 (inc. VAT)"


    A very expensive DSLR considering it has no 3rd party lens support from Tamron, Tokina, Sigma..etc yet.

    And only 4 lens to start with.

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    But then, if one look closely... one would find that it has excellent features... Even my E20 has certain features that the 10D don't...

    Just my 2 cents opinion...


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