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    i just got back from KL yesterday. this shot was taken along the north south highway going into ayer keroh where my family and i had a short break at A&W.

    i was sitting in the front seat while my sis drove for the first half of the journey.

    the original shot of this is much brighter but while pp-ing the shot i adjusted the exposure and it turned out like the above and i thought it was rather interesting where just the steering wheel and my sis' hands were seen(plus some other random stuff around it)

    do it give you the feel that the steering wheel and the hand is the main attraction of the pic. if not, are there any ways to better this shot?

    one thing i know is that i made a mistake by cutting out part of the steering wheel while shooting cos the car was moving. quite hard to take.

    thank you
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    1 critique request per week only please. your last one was 4 days back

    thread closed.


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