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    Hi guys,

    I need help with indoor photography.

    Some questions...especially with ballroom/wedding shooting.

    Basically how do we get to expose both the background and the subject correctly. Most of the time. If the subject is exposed well in the foreground, the background will be dark and if the back ground is exposed well...the subject in thefront will be "washed out" with light.

    How do we employ our flash? I'm using a Dynax 7 with 5600 HS flash. A bracket i was told would help cast the shadows this true? Also...should I use any flash and/or exposure compensation? What abt shutter speed and aperture. I was advised to shoot wide at 4.5/5.6 and speed 1/30 or 1/60. Is this true? I have tried...but the pics are still not ideal...the beack ground is still not well exposed.

    How do we ever achieve a good mix of flash light and ambience light?

    Also...I'm using a bounce card and pointing my flash skywards9while almost) this right? When should we shoot direct? I only shoot direct for group /table photos...

    Phew! What a load of questions!

    Any help/advise will be greatly appreciated!


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    Use a fast film? ISO 400 and above?

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    Yeah, try using higher ISO especially 400 and above. Since you're not using a digicam then it's really an ideal film to use. You can use the flash directly at the subject while still taking in the background lighting. Here's an example of highlighting the subject n capturing the bg as well inside a really dim lighted auditorium.....the pic is taken for fun by the way, but it show the effect that you might wanna get Here
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    use fast film, fast lens, bounce the flash, and use slow sync...

    however slow sync might cause motion blur if the subject is moving or if your hand is not steady enough for the shutter speed.


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