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Thread: Fuji paper and fuji frontier

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    Hi, I came across this site where they talk about different paper that Fujifilm offers. I came to realize that Fujicolor Crystal Archive Supreme Paper is one of the many that they offer. "Fujicolor Crystal Archive Digital PEARL Paper" looks very interesting and "Fujicolor Crystal Archive Professional Paper Super Type C" sure can reproduce pictures better than the normal crystal archive supreme that I use to print. Just wondering does photo developing shop in Singapore offers these paper for us to choose? If there is, how expensive is one of these?

    Also, do anyone know is there any shop using frontier 590? I know of Miao Laan using frontier 570. Supposedly, I think the newer the model the better the print out (sorry for my ignorance).

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    The Fuji Pearl paper is really

    Saw a friend's album all printed on pearl....


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