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Thread: Where & how to process films?

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    Question Where & how to process films?

    simple but practical question.. In Singapore, where do you guys have your films developed and printed, scanned? In case of common (Kodak, FujiFlim) negatives, slides, 120s, etc? And for common 3R, 4R, 8R, or digital scanning, digital enlargement, manual enlargement? Don't tell me you do all the things in the Kodak Express nearby your MRT station!

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    There are only a few places considered "pro" labs in singapore. Typical, these labs have a very wide range of services, including in-house slide and BW processing. i think some helpful soul will post these later.

    i just wanna say that you should consider looking around your area first. While some may not mind traveling across the island for a good lab (usually 2 trips - send in and collect), it can add up to a lot of time. Convenience is a factor for me.

    i tried almost all the shops in my area when i started, and in about 3 months figured who was good and who wasn't. The difference is in the skill of the guy doing the printing. Building a relationship w the shop helps too.

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    Thanks ST1100. I've also looked around my area, those Express are not satisfactory, even I send my negatives. First time I have my whole roll printed, then selected a few for re-print or enlargement, the result is then much different from the first time ones, and they say that's normal. So, now I have serveral rolls of negatives and slides taken in my ROM day by a quite professional friend, I'd like it to be carefully processed, where should I go?

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    Default labs

    try this thread :

    i use Konota for color prints and am happy with the results.

    tried RGB (beach rd) for slides processing. Must tell them you are member of photo club when you send in the slides for processing to enjoy the 15% discount. why? cos they so efficient that they prepare the invoice before hand.


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