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    not sure if anyone here does photographs and put them into somewhat a scrapbook
    (a.k.a. cut, paste, arrange, stick etc.)

    the only problem i had with this is, the kind of glue i used, after trying so many times, just dont seem promising.

    some are too strong that the spoil my photos, some are too light that the photos fall off after a while. anyone here can share your experience please ?

    i've tried from the UHU glu stick to 3M range of spray mounts / photo mounts yada yada.

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    I used some tape to stick them down, they are used like correction tape. Apparently you gotta get those 'acid-free' tape in order to preserve your photos better. You can get these tape from scrapbook shops, like the one in PS.

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    use double-sided tape bt that's only if ur sure you won't be needing the fotos or the scrapbk pages anymore as they'll really stick!


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